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I had dabbled with the process of setting up my Amazon Seller Account on my own here and there over the course of 4 months but never had the time to fully commit a week to not only setting it up, but taking the time to learn how to set it up. The process was taking forever to figure everything out on my own. In order to start setting up an Amazon Seller Account you have to pay up front for seller privileges and since I never figured it out, I was actually being charged $39 for every month it took for me to learn, with out even having anything set up to sell on Amazon yet! It was such a headache.

I finally cancelled my Amazon Seller account and was about to give up when Jillian sent me an email. She was telling me about her experiences working with new businesses on Amazon and after hearing how she spoke so knowledgeably about the process I would have been a fool to not take her up on her services.

Within 2 weeks she was able to organize the jumbled mess and I finally had my first line of products listed on Amazon! She was able to clear up the $39 fees that I had accrued and even took the extra efforts to add in over 500 tags. Within 2 days of the Amazon account going live I had my first sale!! I didn’t even have any reviews on my product yet and someone still bought a pair of pants! I couldn’t believe it.

Amazon has such a wide data base of consumers eager to buy at the click of a button that it creates residual income that snowballs with the more reviews I receive. As of today, it has been little over a month. My product line of over 40 products are on Amazon has now been live for 2 weeks, I have received my first 5 star review, and have had 4 sales- and this is just the beginning!

I am very grateful for Jillian’s dedication, commitment, quick responses at all hours of the day, attentiveness to my brand and for really going above and beyond to make my business a success. I will continue to support and refer eMarketplace Management.

Thanks again.
— Larissa, Founder, Pi Yoga Pants

I recently started using eMarketplace Management to help me set-up my business on Amazon as a seller. The process of setting-up, managing and learning about Amazon is an interesting process and receiving assistance from Jillian has massively expedited my transition onto Amazon.

In addition, having someone monitoring and optimizing my Amazon store has allowed me to put my resources into other areas to scale my business. I would highly recommend this service to business owners who have products that they could be selling online.
— Henry from Gaucho Goods

I started trying to sell on Amazon on my own and I noticed that I was struggling to get sales. It takes a lot of time, patience and dedication to learn how to do things right in Amazon. I was lucky because a friend of mine contact me with Jillian and we started working immediately. I’m very happy that I met Jillian and that things are woking now.

I was impressed that once I gave my seller account credentials to Jillian I saw a huge improvement and sales start coming in. I completely trust and recommend her if you are interested in selling on Amazon.

She’s very professional, dedicated and committed which makes me feel comfortable and in good hands. I will continue to support and refer eMarketplace Management.
— Alejandro from Fiesta Ziesta