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We understand selling indirectly on Amazon takes time and patience to learn the platform on how to manage the account efficiently and effectively. This is where we come in. We bring 3 years of experience managing small to mid-large scale brands on Amazon with the 3rd party Amazon Seller account and other 3rd party marketplaces. We've worked with well-established brands with over 1,000 SKUs and start-ups with under 10 and have seen exponential growth with all accounts. The brands we have worked with generated $4 million in revenue in 2016.

We are the outsourced solution but rest assured the eMarketplace Management team will work with you directly as if they are working in your office. 

How is eMarketplace Management different from other similar businesses?

  • Transparency - We believe open and transparent communication is key to running an effective business in today's time. Our honesty shows our good and genuine intentions.
  • Accountability - We stay true to our word and to our work.
  • Passion - We do not just think of your products as widgets, we care about your brand, your brand story and the products that tell it. That is why we only work with brand-owners and manufacturers who are equally as passionate about their products and brand.
  • Purpose - We love working with brands that contribute to society, people, animals or the planet. We've seen this done by giving proceeds to an organization or community, providing jobs, supporting education, using materials and practices that do not damage the planet, etc. We want to help those brands grow monetarily and expand awareness so they can contribute even more.
  • Marketplace Expansion and Catering - We know that Amazon.com is the largest retailer but it is not fit for all. That is why we have learned 15+ marketplaces world-wide. If you wish to expand on a global level, we can get your brand awareness to spread into markets outside of the US.

We look forward to helping you expand your brand awareness, maximize your sales potential and allowing you to focus on the rest of your business without having to worry about your marketplace channels.


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We at eMarketplace Management know how much potential Amazon has be for expansion of  brand awareness and sales growth.

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Jillian Dunbar

Jillian has managed over 30 accounts for global and local brands, large and small. She was picked up to work in-house for brands in start-up phase and brought them to being a multi-million dollar Amazon presence. She knows the drive in the start-up world, the possibility for growth and the channel clean-up large accounts need to get control of their brand equity. She knew there were millions of brands and sellers out there who have endless possibilities for selling on Amazon but either don't know it yet or have not had the professionals to get them there. Her strengths are in communication and analytical reporting. Any reports you wish to see from profitability to return on ad spend to demand planning, she can most likely build them.

Jillian was born in Massachusetts but has lived all over this country and several others. She is currently living in York Beach, Maine. She has a heart to travel and embraces the "office anywhere & anytime" work life. In her free time she teaches adaptive yoga or she is skiing, biking, hiking with her two dogs, or traveling to any of the best beach breaks. Jillian is devoted to getting your Amazon account active, selling and profitable no matter where on the planet she is.